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Beauty Bar in Calgary

Welcome to Calgary’s newest Beauty Bar

We use products are sourced throughout the world in our luxury beauty bar.

Elate Lounge embraces the trends that work and continue to evolve. High-end all natural products and epic art styles to serve all generations.

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Beauty Menu

  • Hand Bar
  • Foot Lounge
  • VIP Face
  • VIP Massage
  • Wax Bar
  • Flavours
  • Packages

Hand Bar

Manicure in Calgary

Quick Refresh Mani … $30

  • Hand & Nail Refresh
  • Polish Color Flair
  • Add Oxygenating Gel application … +$8

Elate Manicure (Wet or Dry)…$45

  • Soothing Soak or Cozy Aromatic Hot Towel
  • Nail & Cuticle Care
  • Polishing sugar exfoliation
  • Enchanting Butter Massage
  • Polish Color Flair
  • Add Nourishing Bubble Mask… +$5
  • Add Oxygenating Gel application… +$8


  • French “oui oui” … $8

Nail Enhancements             

  • Nurturing Bio Sculpture/Evo Full Set … $80
  • Nurturing Bio Sculpture/Evo Fill …  $50
  • Trendy Art …  $10
  • Gel Removal … $15

Nurturing Bio Sculpture/Evo Overlay… $50-$60

  • 4 layers or 5 layers


Foot Lounge

Pedicure in Calgary

Quick Refresh Pedi … $35

  • Feet & Nail Refresh
  • Polish Color Flair
  • Add Oxygenating Gel application … +$8

Elate Pedicure (Wet or Dry)…$55

  • Soothing Soak or Cozy Aromatic Hot Towel
  • Nail & Cuticle Care
  • Polishing sugar exfoliation
  • Nourishing Mask… +$5
  • Enchanting Butter Massage
  • Polish Color Flair
  • Add Oxygenating Gel application… +$8


  • French “oui oui” … $8

Nail Enhancements                         

  • Trendy Art …  $10
  • Gel Removal … $10

Nurturing Bio Sculpture/Evo Overlay… $25-$30

  • 4 layers or 5 layers


VIP Face

Elate Facial …$125 (60 mins)

Many flavors of special services tailored to you.
All natural refreshing wash, toning, exfoliation, hot towel care, Extractions, masques, serums and a moisturizing facial massage.

Elate Facial …$155 (90 mins)

Many flavors of special services tailored to you.
All natural refreshing wash, toning, exfoliation, hot towel care, extractions, masques, serums and moisturizing.
Stress relieving and mind relaxing massage.

Brow Shaping …$20

  • Customized to maintain brow shape
  • Waxing or Tweezing



VIP Massage

Elate Rejuvenating & Relaxation Massages

Many flavors of special services tailored to you. All natural refreshing hot towel treatment, scrub & bubble wash and nourishing massage.

  • 60 minute … $120
  • 90 minute … $150

Elate Rejuvenating & Relaxation Couples Massage

  • 60 minute … $112.25 ea
  • 90 minute … $137.50 ea
  • (Please make 2 reservations if booking online)



Wax Bar

  • Lip … $12
  • Chin … $15
  • Face … $40
  • Sideburns … $20
  • Underarm … $23
  • Full arm … $45
  • Lower leg … $40
  • Upper leg … $45
  • Full leg … $80
  •  Bikini … $40
  • French Bikini … $55
  • Brazilian … $65



Here are a few flavor examples

Your Beauty Host will share all available flavors with you as they adjust seasonally.

Mint Tea Cooler

  • BEST ENJOYED: Ready to be refreshed
  • THE MOOD: Fresh picked and brewed for relaxation
  • EXPERIENCE: Chillax into a mint julep and lavender scented dip to comfort and hydrate thirsty skin. This soak is a refreshing start to this lavish treatment with skin-adoring vitamin E. Next, you’re buffed with a peach & ginger sugar grain exfoliation, followed by creamy bubbles with aloe and green tea extract – whipped up and layered on to nourish any skin irritants and bring a hydrating softness like you’ve never felt. Finish with a sweetly enchanting shea butter massage -reminiscent of memories sipping southern sweet tea at dusk.

Moonlight Melon Mojito

  • BEST ENJOYED: Dancing with sole
  • THE MOOD: Dreamy & spirited
  • EXPERIENCE: Dip into a crisply refreshing cucumber scented soak, glistening with vitamin E and soothing coconut & palm oils. Next, a natural sea salt exfoliation removes dry rough patches, revealing a newer, softer you. Juicy notes of cucumber and green melon fill the air as you’re massaged with nourishing creamy body milk. Spaaaaaah …

Strawberry Banana Milk Peti

  • BEST ENJOYED: Giving your body what it deserves
  • THE MOOD: Rich and nourishing
  • EXPERIENCE: Dip your toes into a dreamy cream soak, with coconut and whole milk, almond oil and chicory root to soften and soothe. A shea butter and coconut water scrub polishes to reveal silky soft soles! Time to show off and break out those flip-flops! A scrumptiously scented mask, crafted with real banana and turmeric extract is painted on – this is one delicious, skin-tightening stunner. A massage with whipped shea butter, aloe and live strawberry fruit cells brings tootsies to their best and brightest.

Green Tea & Probiotic Milk

  • BEST ENJOYED: To clarify mind & complexion
  • THE MOOD: Purity down to the pores
  • EXPERIENCE: Getting radiant skin has never been so purely delicious! An organic sunflower seed oil containing Blue Agave Leaf extract reduces redness and preps skin for a silky green tea cleanser. Next, you’re buffed to pristine condition with a red Arizona clay mud mask — skin is radiantly soft. Now, it’s time to soak in a decadent organic coconut milk mask! Complete with probiotics and certified organic rice extract, skin is calmed and composed. To finish, an application of Spotted Leaving Serum will even skin tone, while Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer hydrates and Crow Catcher Serum tightens and tones.

Under the Desert Mood

  • BEST ENJOYED: Wrapped up in nourishment
  • THE MOOD: Desert delight
  • EXPERIENCE: A specially crafted blend of barley, sandalwood and amurense bark come together in a luxe soak to begin this treatment oasis. Next, an intoxicating whiskey rubdown with brown sugar and rice bran oil quenches dry skin, followed by a firming and toning cactus gel that wraps legs and feet in nourishment as it gently warms on the skin. The journey continues with a light-as-air Moon Dip Body Mousse massage. The advanced peptides hydrate and visibly firm the look of skin, while the soft scent that lingers is truly out of this world. A treatment as relaxing as the desert moon-filled night is long!

The Powdered Donut Pedi

  • BEST ENJOYED: Eat. Treat. Repeat!
  • THE MOOD: Indulge in the sweeter things in life
  • EXPERIENCE: Descend slowly into a buttery, nourishing whole milk soak as skin drinks in the deliciousness on contact. Then, a shea sugar scrub polishes dry soles, revealing soft new skin beneath. Next up, bubbly bliss! You’ll be layered in a mask of frothy bubbles packed with aloe, vitamin E and a blend of extracts that help skin retain its moisture and fresh suppleness. Finally, a rich shea butter massage, scented with notes of spun sugar and licorice blossom, leaves you sweetly scented and more than satisfied.

Blushing Agave & Honey Butter Massage

  • BEST ENJOYED: Sunny side up
  • THE MOOD: Add a dash of honey, honey
  • EXPERIENCE: After a thorough dry brushing exfoliation technique to release dead, dry skin cells and minimize the appearance of cellulite, you’ll delve into pure relaxation and be released from tension
    as you are massaged deeply with a nourishing oil made with certified organic sunflower seed oil and scented with notes of cherry and coconut milk. Feet and hands enjoy an added bonus as they are painted in a golden honey glaze serum – made of certified organic honey, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil – and then cocooned in a steaming towel wrap for deep penetration.

Marshmallow Bonbon

  • BEST ENJOYED: Beside A Bonfire
  • THE MOOD: Candy Coated
  • EXPERIENCE: Start your treatment with a sizzle as you settle into a cleansing effervescent fizzer soak steeped in coconut and sweet almond oils. A fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil scrubdown banishes dull, dry skin. A creamy chocolate mask nourishes and rejuvenates, before a luscious melty massage envelops you with subtle notes of billowy marshmallows – truly dessert for your skin.

Chocolate Banana Tightening Facial

  • BEST ENJOYED: When it’s time to indulge.
  • THE MOOD: Glowy goodness
  • EXPERIENCE: Your complexion is freshly cleansed with a creamy coconut milk and green tea extract blend, followed by a burdock root polish to clear away dry, lackluster skin. A custom mask creation – cocoa & CoO10 plus a nutrient rich banana and turmeric tightening mask – does double duty to boost your complexion to cloud 9! You will feel a tingle -which means this power-packed mask blend is working to provide antioxidants for clear, glowing skin! A mist of crisp rose water and aronia berry facial tonic helps pores do a disappearing act. Rejoice as an antioxidant-rich resveratrol serum is applied onto complexion for a quick pick-me-up! Skin is then treated to a peptide-infused botanical milk moisturizer for a deep drink of hydration. End with a dermatologist-developed peptide eye transforming serum – kiss the look of crow’s feet goodbye! Thoroughly satisfied, your skin will thank you for this sweet treat-ment.



Elate Mani+Pedi+Wine … $99

Elate Manicure, Elate Pedicure & 1 Glass of Wine

Elate Mani + Pedi + Facial … $199

Elate Manicure, Elate Pedicure and Elate Facial

Construction Special … $69

Petite Pedi & Mani with a glass of wine & 2 Amuse Bouche (appetizers)



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