October 1, 2019

Dear Friends, Staff, Customers and more,

We are saddened to inform you that Elate has officially fallen.

Since opening end of August 2018, we have poured everything we have into facilitating Elate to grow despite many exterior undisclosed/unforeseen extreme challenges.

Out of 12 months we had only 3 that were not affected by construction and 2 of those were January and February…

Starting a new business is rough enough on its own, therefore when adding debilitating elements that has taken over 35 established businesses on 17th Ave in 2018-2019, there was basically no chance for Elate. 

Beginning of 2019 we received additional support and leveraged everything we have in order to arrive at the “promise-land” of summer on 17th Ave, however we were faced again with more construction that has lingered months and months.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have on you but please know that we have done ALL that we could and now face starting over personally at ground zero ourselves. 

Thank you! to all that did brave the traffic, lack of parking, the long walks to get to our facility, the noise, dust and much more. We really felt the support and love from many, we were just not able to reach enough people in the amount of time needed.

Sincerely yours

Sara & Julie